Our (Virtual) Holiday Letter – 2020

2020… what can we say that hasn’t already been said. It was a year for the history books to be sure.  We are doing well. Matthew is still at PG&E and his workload has been intense, but there is light at the end of the tunnel (more hires means he might be able to actuallyContinue reading “Our (Virtual) Holiday Letter – 2020”

Highs and Lows. My Annual Birthday Retrospective.

2020 has been… well, you know. No sense in rehashing it. But here are a few of my highs and lows. For posterity? For my mental health? /shrug. Maybe if I write them down, I can start thinking about other things. High: Celebrating SaraKate’s 40th birthday in January. A girls trip where I bonded, learnedContinue reading “Highs and Lows. My Annual Birthday Retrospective.”