2021 By The Numbers

Book I read: 84 (Here they are in case you are interested… and just for fun, here is my Goodreads Year in Books.)

Reviews I wrote: 51. And another one that I wrote in 2021 but won’t drop until tomorrow which is 2022, so… yeah. Here they all are in a big ol’ list if you are interested.

Pages and Popcorn Podcasts I released: We did 26 regular episodes as well as 9 special summer watch episodes this year. Holy smokes. 

Ghosthropology Podcasts I helped produce: 22… technically 23 as the next one will drop on Monday, Jan 3rd. Here is a list of them

The weight I lost: Some. 

The weight I gained: More

Eye surgeries: None! YAY!

Eye flare-ups: less than 5. I’m calling that a win. Yes, my vision is less today than it was a year ago, but I am trying to stay positive! 

Big life changes: Not that many, thank goodness!

Highlights of the year: Mother’s Day trip with Cynthia, Lee-Union in the summer, Alanis Morisset concert in the fall, the holidays…. Watching Ella grow and get passionate about her art and reading.

Looking forward to in 2022: Home construction project starting and finishing! Hosting a big-ass wonderful party (Maybe more than one!), Travelling again?

All in all, not a bad 2021. Here’s to 2022!

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