Audio Editor / Producer for Hire

Are you a podcaster who needs help with

  • Production (audio recording, editing, and/or sound/music mixing)
  • Scriptwriting, editing, and transcribing
  • Website, Blog, or Social Media
  • More!

I can help.


Why not let me worry about the nitty-gritty of cutting out your “umm”s and “ahhh”s and empty spaces? No matter if you record off of your phone’s voice memo app, Audacity, a zoom call, or something else entirely… I can help tighten and polish your audio.

I can clean up pre-recorded audio, or we can record together, which allows me to help you in realtime by catching when your chair squeaks or that bit of hard to hear background noise.


I can help you craft scripts that are engaging and fun to listen to. I can also help you edit your scripts so that bad grammar doesn’t distract from your story. Transcription services are also available.


Need help making a website/blog, finding a platform to host your podcast, or generating content for social media content?

I am the founder of KMMA Media Podcast Network. Whether you want to be part of the network or not, I can help you make your podcast the very best it can be. Contact me today!