Then and Now

I used to write about colors Especially Red And I would add photos To get your attention, make you pause, Enjoy the ride. I used to write about blogs And leave comments Peruse and beg to be perused Tempt you over to my own space on the web Entertain the masses I used to writeContinue reading “Then and Now”

Happy Whatever You Want To Call It Day!

Today is Candlemass or Imbolc or St Brigid’s Day or the beginning of Donotel or Groundhog Day. Whatever you call it, today is special. (For the Pagans at least…) It is the half-way point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. Meaning we are that much closer to spring and summer and warm weather.Continue reading “Happy Whatever You Want To Call It Day!”

Doing Good in the Name of Doing Good

It is December… official month of holiday fun. I love this month… I love that my birthday is this month, I love that I get to see my family, I love that it is cold and dark but that the turning point of the season happens, I love that there are pretty twinkling lights andContinue reading “Doing Good in the Name of Doing Good”

Happy New Year’s Everyone!

Last night we rang in the New Year with a laid back party type gathering. Jessica and I did some last minute shopping at the dollar store and the Fremont Food Max and viola! A party happened! She made the most amazing meatballs… they had jelly and chili sauce and something else.. I don’t know,Continue reading “Happy New Year’s Everyone!”

You Tube Bless Us, Everyone!

Well yes, it is indeed time for the winter holidays. Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, Solstice…. For your viewing pleasure I have put together a few happy, silly, pretty, and downright hilarious videos… or rather I took half an hour on you tube and found a few happy, silly, pretty, and downright hilarious videos. This first oneContinue reading “You Tube Bless Us, Everyone!”