Review: Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit

Being straight should not be the default assumption. It just… shouldn’t. BUT it is nice to be able to find wlw books when that is what you are hankering for. But aslo, this novel is far more complex and interesting than the label “lesbian novel” would imply. It is a novel that tells a coming of age story about a lesbain.

Burn Baby Burn!

also posted on the GCV blogHad to share… We talked last week about corporations that are advocating for LGBT equality.. and mentioned General Mills. You know, the company that makes Cheerios. (yum) Well… this man, apparently, decided to protest General Mills and their stance on equality… by burning a box of Cheerios. Which, sure, isContinue reading “Burn Baby Burn!”

JC Penny’s and the Gay Dad Ad

The copy reads: “What makes Dad so cool? He’s the swim coach, tent maker, best friend, bike fixer and hug giver — all rolled into one. Or two. Real-life dads, Todd Koch and Cooper Smith with their children Claire and Mason.” You can almost hear the sound of one million bigoted moms cringing in unison. I loveContinue reading “JC Penny’s and the Gay Dad Ad”

Thank you, Mister President.

Sometimes I am proud to call him President. While his views on gay marriage have been “evolving” and it doesn’t appear likely that he will move from his support of civil unions to support for same sex marriage, President Obama has, as he is proud to say, made a lot of progress for the LGBTContinue reading “Thank you, Mister President.”

Skepticism and the LGBT Community

It is important to remember to be skeptical. Skeptical of petition pushers who sound like they really are making the world safer.Skeptical of ballot referendums that sound like they are being fair.Skeptical of “natural transitioning” methods that sound easier and cheaper than Testosterone injections. Critical thinking skills are more than just that section that youContinue reading “Skepticism and the LGBT Community”

Tour De Centers

4 Gay Central Valley Board Members 15 hours 520 milesUncounted sodas and coffees and slices of pizza Dozens of pages of notes 4 Community Centers in 4 –somewhat- distant cities (Modesto, Sacramento, Concord, San Jose) 1 epic battle with seagulls Whew! Yesterday morning before the sun was fully up, Chris, Jason, Jaymi, and I set off for a Tour De CentersContinue reading “Tour De Centers”

Writer’s Workshop!

Saturday June 18th, Noon – 3pm.Fresno LGBT Community Center 1055 N. Van Ness Ave Suite C Fresno CA Come join community members to get help or guidance in crafting your submission for the USP’s LGBT+ Anthology! USP is currently accepting submissions of personal stories of the LGBT experience (either directly or peripherally) for an anthologyContinue reading “Writer’s Workshop!”