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Pages and Popcorn

44. Good Morning, Midnight / Midnight Sky PagesAndPopcornPodcast

Jennifer and Kaylia revisit a book neither of them liked the first time around because they both love George Clooney and in his infinite wisdom, he has made a movie based on that book. Will they join the masses of people who love this book? Did the movie do it justice or make it better? Was there a transformational moment or just a lot of flashbacks? In the end… is this a beak bummer book and movie or is there something profound hidden in all the exposition and special effects? Listen to our discussion of Good Morning, Midnight / The Midnight Sky to find out. More information, including show notes found at http://www.kmmamedia.com
  1. 44. Good Morning, Midnight / Midnight Sky
  2. 43. A Christmas Story
  3. 42. Hillbilly Elegy
  4. 41. The Danish Girl
  5. 40. Jurassic Park


10. London Bridge (London) Ghosthropology

Matt discusses the history and hauntings of the London Bridge site in London, England. The stories associated with the site range from profound, yet disturbing, to creepy and silly, but all are part of the folklore tapestry of an old and storied city bridge. For more information, visit http://www.kmmamedia.com
  1. 10. London Bridge (London)
  2. 9. These Tales That People Tell Me
  3. 8. The Spirits of Santa Cruz Island.
  4. 7. Two Haunted California Highways
  5. 6. Devils Gate

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