I co-host and produce the Pages and Popcorn Podcast. I also produce the Ghosthropology Podcast. And…. yes, I would be happy to help produce or edit YOUR podcast. Click here for more details or visit KMMA Media Podcast Network.

Pages and Popcorn

Sex, murder, mental health, incest, …. maybe masturbation? Yep, must be Psycho! Is Norman sympathetic? How much trivia is trivial? A dramatic reading, an apology to a friend from college, and a potentially unpopular opinion about if the movie is worth the hype. PLUS, a rousing discussion of phallic objects. Enjoy! More information and show notes at http://www.kmmamedia.com
  1. 38. Psycho
  2. 37. Fahrenheit 451
  3. 36. The Mountain Between Us
  4. 35. From Lost To Found On The PCT aka Wild
  5. 34. Ella Enchanted


3. Wolfe House Ghosthropology

Matt tells the wonderful story of a haunted (but sadly demolished) house in Fresno County, California and then discusses the interesting intersection of advertising. commerce, and the paranormal. More information at http://www.kmmamedia.com
  1. 3. Wolfe House
  2. 2. Satanic Music
  3. 1. Fifty Berkeley Square
  4. Ghosthropology Episode 0: Introduction

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