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Pages and Popcorn

Kaylia and special co-host Jess discuss the 1038 novel, the 1940 movie, and the 2020 movie… Rebecca! Join us for a discussion where we try to answer the burning questions… Just how evil was Rebecca? Was Bee a lesbian? Who was the real villain? Why the heck did they make the 202 version? Plus the MAJOR change from book to the 1940 movie… and then slight change back in the 2020 movie. And yes… Star Trek trivia! Recap 3.03-11.55 Show notes at http://www./kmmamedia.com/pagesandpopcornpodcast/
  1. 51. Rebecca
  2. Supplemental 1: 2018 Books Part 1
  3. A02 Supplemental Announcement
  4. 50 The White Tiger
  5. 49. Moxie


15. Ghosts of California’s Chinese Labor Force Ghosthropology

In this episode, Matt explores the relationship between ghost stories and historic injustice as it relates to the experience of Chinese migrants to 19th century California. The episode involves a weird book in a Death Valley Cabin, bloody rainstorms, and a bunch of smart-aleck pre-teens, all trying to come to terms with history. More information, detailed show notes, links, resources, and more at: http://www.kmmamedia.com/podcasts/ghosthropology-podcast/
  1. 15. Ghosts of California’s Chinese Labor Force
  2. 14. Mary King's Close
  3. 13. Gef The Talking Mongoose
  4. 12. Ghost Ship In the California Desert (Correct)
  5. 11. The Other London Bridge (Arizona)

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