I did a 5K in the “before time.”

Hi! I’m Kaylia. I’m a queer cis woman who loves coffee, books, my family, and avoiding the kitchen. I am almost 40, and I think I have hit my mid life crisis phase.

I have had 9 surgeries on my eyes (the most recent one just a few weeks ago) and COVID-19 is hella scary. Plus, my body is getting older and the world is a bit of a clustercuss right now..

I needed a change. I needed a way to focus. I wanted to keep doing the things I love, but I wanted to do them more streamlined and to expand into a few areas that, until now, I had only dipped my toe.

So why not take all the little things I have been doing over the years (writing, podcasting, reviewing, editing, etc) and smoosh them all together? Why not make a podcast network where I can help other people make podcasts? (I actually really like the editing and producing process, weird right?)

So this new website was born. Yeah, I’m figuring it out as I go. But darn, it is going to be a fun ride!

So… Hi. I’m Kaylia. I drink too much coffee, eat too many red vines, and spend too long freaking out about what to wear even if I’m just going to my home office.

Also, I’m a writer (occasionally)
I write… and sometimes people enjoy reading what I have written. My short story collection is available on Amazon. you can get it as a paperback or an e-book. I am also working on another short story collection (sci fi themed), a novel, and a few different children’s books.

I’m a copy editor (freelance)
I have a certificate from UC Santa Barbara and I take gigs. I have helped people with newsletters, short stories, websites, campaign materials, essays, and promotional materials. I also do resumes and cover letters. Fees and information can be found here.

I’m a Podcaster
My podcast Pages and Popcorn Podcast features me and my co-host talking about movies that are based on books as well as the original source material. I have a new podcast idea being fleshed out right now as well. Stay tuned!

I’m a Podcaster Producer
I produce and edit The Ghosthropology Podcast which examines ghost stories, folklore, and tales of the weird through an anthropologist’s lense.

I’m a consultant.
I do communication and social media support for nonprofits and folks who don’t have the time/energy/or desire to do it themselves. I build websites and set up forms, fliers, and documents for new business. I do periodic google/website/email/social media/etc training for seniors.

I have been known to teach creative writing classes, run poetry events, and chair panel discussions on progressive topics.

I also run a book club, volunteer locally, serve on the PTA, and am the mother to a very active and wonderful eight-year-old. I try to keep up with reading for fun and watch a few TV shows… and I drink a lot of coffee.

Hi! I’m Kaylia and I need a nap!

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