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Kaylia Metcalfe is a writer, podcaster, producer, copy editor, content creator, and Jill Of Many Trades. She loves, reading, coffee, her amazing daughter, coffee, Star Trek, Buffy, coffee, podcasts, and fighting against injustice, In 2020 she started the KMMA Podcasting Network to showcase interesting stories and audio adventures.


Pages and Popcorn Podcast

Ghosthropology Podcast

The podcast Pages and Popcorn Podcast features Kaylia and her co-host talking about movies that are based on books as well as the original source material. Which version is worth your time? (Cohost/Producer)

In the Ghosthropology Podcast, host Matt tells ghost stories, folklore, and tales of the weird followed by a discussion of what makes them work from an anthropologist’s perspective. (Producer)

45. Charlotte's Web PagesAndPopcornPodcast

  1. 45. Charlotte's Web
  2. 44. Good Morning, Midnight / Midnight Sky
  3. 43. A Christmas Story
  4. 42. Hillbilly Elegy
  5. 41. The Danish Girl
  6. 40. Jurassic Park
  7. 39. The Amityville Horror
  8. 38. Psycho
  9. 37. Fahrenheit 451
  10. 36. The Mountain Between Us

10. London Bridge (London) Ghosthropology

  1. 10. London Bridge (London)
  2. 9. These Tales That People Tell Me
  3. 8. The Spirits of Santa Cruz Island.
  4. 7. Two Haunted California Highways
  5. 6. Devils Gate
  6. 5. The Tales That Made Me
  7. 4. Amityville Horror
  8. 3. Wolfe House
  9. 2. Satanic Music
  10. 1. Fifty Berkeley Square

Kaylia’s Blog

Review: Such A Fun Age

The style of this book is very “beach read.” It is fast. It isn’t deep literary. It’s a Long Island Iced Tea… it goes down smooth and you are all giddy and enjoying yourself and then WHAM you realize that you have been accidentally complicit in racist crap by rooting for Alix and the world is much bigger and more complex… all is not how it has been portrayed and the last quarter of your drink was straight whiskey.

Review: Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit

Being straight should not be the default assumption. It just… shouldn’t. BUT it is nice to be able to find wlw books when that is what you are hankering for. But aslo, this novel is far more complex and interesting than the label “lesbian novel” would imply. It is a novel that tells a coming of age story about a lesbain.

Review: Breathing Lessons

To be fun, we shall start with plot and characters. The story centers around Maggie and Ira, a couple in their silver years who are taking a day trip to a funeral. The entire novel takes place over the course of one day which is a lovely idea. Throughout this one day, they both examine their marriage and all the ups and downs of parenthood

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I write… and sometimes people enjoy reading what I have written. My short story collection is available on Amazon. you can get it as a paperback or an e-book. I am also working on another short story collection (sci-fi themed), a novel, and a few different children’s books.

Podcast Editing

If you have audio that needs to be edited or you want to start your own podcast but need help getting started… this is the place for you! Click here for more information and message me for rates!

Copy Editing

I’m a copy editor (freelance)
I have a certificate from UC San Diego, and I take gigs. I have helped people with newsletters, short stories, websites, campaign materials, essays, and promotional materials. I also do resumes and cover letters. Fees and information can be found here.

Content Consulting

Want to build a website? Need help with Google Docs, or Forms, or Sheets?? Need a fun graphic for an upcoming event? No matter what your creative dream is, the details can be tricky. Let me help you by doing all the nitty-gritty parts of the job! Here’s an example of my work.

1:1 Writing Workshop

Want some one-on-one help with a story, novel play, audio drama, or podcast? I can help you with content, tone, diction, grammar, narrative flow, and many other writing tools to help make your creation the best it can be. Send me an email and let’s get started!

Group Writing Workshops

These small group workshops are perfect for beginners or those about to start shopping for larger projects.

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Kaylia Metcalfe is a writer, podcaster, producer, copy editor, content creator, and Jill Of Many Trades. She started the KMMA Media Podcasting Network to showcase interesting stories and audio adventures.

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