I started blogging in 2006. I wrote about my life, about politics, about the news, about dating adventures… Eventually I started reviewing books… and then movies… and then TV shows… Then I started a blog all about my pregnancy. Then one all about being a writer.

Wouldn’t it be grand if they could all be in one place as move into this next phase?

I thought so! Ta-Da!!!!!


Maybe because we just passed the one year anniversary of the death of my “oldest” friend. (That’s him in the featured image. (Jan 2019)

Big News!

Well, here we go! /gulp Big Announcement Time! Or rather… 4 big announcements. 1: There is a new Kaylia Metcalfe Website. After years of drama, I finally have the rights to my own name again. Whew! This was perfect timing as I needed to update my website to make sure it includes all the things I do.Continue reading “Big News!”

Who am I?

Hi! I’m Kaylia. I’m a queer cis woman who loves coffee, books, my family, and avoiding the kitchen. I am almost 40, and I think I have hit my mid life crisis phase. I have had 9 surgeries on my eyes (the most recent one just a few weeks ago) and COVID-19 is hella scary.Continue reading “Who am I?”

10 Years Ago….

Ten years ago I had long hair.And an apartment in Santa Cruz.My first book, a short story collection, was being publishedI hadn’t hit 30 yet.I had a cat named Missy MayAnd a best friend named Mark. Today,My hair is short -very short-I live in Fresno with my husband and daughter.My first book, a short storyContinue reading “10 Years Ago….”

Fogcon… and ME!

I have joined the ConCom for FogCon (which is supremely fun to say) and will be working as a junior Honored Guest Liason as well as helping with the Writer’s Workshop. I am super excited! Partly because it’s a bunch of new skills, partly because it is an event I love, and partly because IContinue reading “Fogcon… and ME!”

10 Down…

My fledgling little podcast dropped its 10th episode today. Perfect time for you to catch up if you have accidentally missed any of them… Podcast Website Podcast on Facebook List of books/movies we have discussed: The Mist A Simple Favor Nothing Lasts Forever / Die Hard The Last Unicorn Fried Green Tomatoes Hitchhikers Guide toContinue reading “10 Down…”

Fog Con

Zomg. FogCon was… amazing. The mid-con break to go see an Abba tribute band with my mom and sisters… was amazing. Getting to hang out with Becky Chambers, yes that Becky Chambers was… amazing. Getting critiqued and complimented by Karen Joy Fowler, yes that Karen Joy Fowler, was… you guessed it, amazing! I only haveContinue reading “Fog Con”

Booth! (Part 2)

I did the “sell your stuff at a booth in the mall” thing last weekend. It was pretty fun actually. I sold a few copies, chatted with a few people about books, was able to promote the podcast (cough Pages and Popcorn Podcast cough), and see a bunch of people in cool cosplay outfits. 10/10Continue reading “Booth! (Part 2)”


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