It’s A Queer Thang Radio Show

I co-host the monthly It’s A Queer Thang radio show along with the amazing Chris Jarvis.

We focus on politics, civil rights, news, and, entertainment. Special guests are featured with interviews focusing on issues relevant to the LGBTQ+ community in Fresno and the Central Valley.

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Pumkpin Spice and A Storm of Parental Rights ItsAQueerThang

Chris and Kaylia talk with Nick Serafin from Santa Clara School of Law about the rise of “Parental Rights” cases sweeping school boards and city councils across the nation… including our very own Clovis. Chris reports on what is going on in the town next door, we talk about fall foods, and yes, Kaylia tells you more about kickball. Nick's Slate Op Ed: Back catalog of episodes and more extensive show notes can be found at Facebook: and Insta/Threads @itsaqueerthang Email us at It’s a Queer Thang is part of the KMMA Media Network. Insta/Twitter: @kmma_media Music from #Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: AFMRYLKSNQGPTHXJ
  1. Pumkpin Spice and A Storm of Parental Rights
  2. The Story of Chloe Anne Lacey
  3. A Walk In The Park, A Festival in Visalia, and Boebert's New Low
  4. A Campfire, Some Parents & A Problem
  5. The Possible, Maybe, Farewell Tour Of The Fabulous Leilani Price
  6. All Boys Aren't Blue and All Lawsuits Aren't Equal (George M. Johnson and PEN America)
  7. Coming Together & Earning Our Cookies
  8. Identity, SciFi, Cucumber Vodka, and Queer Cowboys
  9. Barbie & The Supreme Court
  10. The Power of Politics, Pyrotechnics, and Pride – Plus an Interview With Congressman Jim Costa

It’sAQueerThang – January 2023

This episode covers the topic of hate crimes, specifically toward the LGBTQ+ community. Our guests include Fresno Police Chief Paco Balderama, US Attorney Phillip Talbert with the Department of Justice, Daren Miller with the Stop The…

It’sAQueerThang – September 2022

Our guests included Carlene Mendez of Westcare, Julio Mastro of the Fresno AIDS Walk, and Kathleen Arambula Reyna of the Fresno REEL Pride Film Festival. Chris and Kaylia also discuss Suicide Prevention and our regular feature:…

It’sAQueerThang – August 2022

Our guests were Joe Prado of the Fresno County Health Department, Krysten Cherkaski of the GSA Network (Here is the Devising Freedom direct link), Dr. Katherine Fobear of the Qistory project and Paul Hernandez and Jessica…

It’sAQueerThang – July 2022

Our guests were Socorro Santillan (Planned Parenthood), Patricia Brown (local family attorney), and Lynda Wilkinson and Tiana Perez (Fresbians and SheBar). We also feature Pride Night at the Zoo interviews with Haley White (Fool’s Collaborative), Deacon…

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