Show Me… Your Kitchen!

It’s that time again… Friday is “Show Me” day ’round these parts! Thank you to everyone who participated last week! This week’s assignment: Kitchen… or something pertaining to the kitchen. I don’t love our kitchen. I don’t hate it, it is fine, but it is relatively normal. and nothing all that special. What I love are the things in my kitchen…Continue reading “Show Me… Your Kitchen!”

Show me…. sentimental object!

It’s that time again… time for the Show Me Project! This week: Show me… an object of sentimental value.For me that’s my engagement ring. Matthew proposed to me on April 13th of last year. In Santa Cruz He took me to a bluff overlooking the beach and the Boardwalk and talkedabout how much he loved the FridayContinue reading “Show me…. sentimental object!”

Show me…. Your Mailbox!

Today is the 2nd week of the Show Me Project! Last week we did “Show me… your table” and we had submissions from DianneKellyRachelCountry Bumkin Mama Thank you ladies! This week the topic for the vlog or photo essay or whatnot is: “Show me.. your mailbox!” So, here;s my submission! My mailbox is one ofContinue reading “Show me…. Your Mailbox!”

Show Me…. Your Table!

Welcome to the Show Me Project! This week’s assignment  March 1st / Show me… your table! (Dining room table, coffee table, or patio table… whatever table gets the most love or tells the most interesting story!) I decided to do our coffee table as it is a bit more reflective of our daily lives. First offContinue reading “Show Me…. Your Table!”

Coming Soon… The Show Me Project!

Some of you might remember the Show Me…. Project from a few years ago.  I participated and it was a LOT of fun! I thought… why not bring it back, change it up a bit, and invite a whole new slew of people to participate? So, starting March 2nd, I will be hosting the newContinue reading “Coming Soon… The Show Me Project!”

Label Me This, Label Me That

(Showing you… Me) Last week I was interviewed by Dr. Jesse Daniels (PhD) for a research project she is doing on feminist bloggers. I had taken a short survey a while ago and had somehow piqued her interest. (You can read more about her and her research here.) I hadn’t felt any misgivings about theContinue reading “Label Me This, Label Me That”

Showing… Sentimental Object!

(and also part of me) This necklace is special. It was given to me by my mentor, my guru, my leader, my teacher, my dear and beloved friend. The occasion was that I was graduating from college. I had followed my bliss and gotten my degree in the hot field of English: Emphasis on CreativeContinue reading “Showing… Sentimental Object!”