I started blogging in 2006. I wrote about my life, about politics, about the news, about dating adventures… Eventually, I started reviewing books… and then movies… and then TV shows… Then I started a blog all about my pregnancy. Then one all about being a writer.

Sadly, I was a dumbass and I randomly used photos and images from google that I totally did not have the legal right to use. So all those old blogs… hundreds and hundreds of old blogs, are all gone. (This “oh shit” purge happened in 2022 for anyone curious.)

Yep. gone. At least for now. There is a chance I might go through them and republish them without the images etc because some of them were -if I say so myself- quite funny. But that seems like a lot of work and, honestly, an exercise in narcissism… so maybe not. Time will tell.

Starting in 2021, I dusted off my “book review” skills and decided to give blogging/reviewing another go. I wrote a LOT of book reviews. By the end of the year, I was burnt out, my eyes went into revolt and quit working, and oh yeah, the “oh shit” moment happened. 

So those reviews?… all came down in 2022 as part of the “oh shit I was a dumbass” purge.

However! Things have changed yet again. I am writing again, I am reading again, and I am reviewing again. And thanks to Fair Use, I can still publish my book reviews. So that is what I am going to do.

  1. Republish all my 2021 book reviews.
  2. Write the occasional book review
  3. Do a monthly LGBTQIA book review as part of the ItsAQueerThang radio show I am lucky enough to be a part of.
  4. Talk about books on my TikTok
  5. Hope my eyes hold out for another few years.


Book Review: Reader, I Murdered Him

This book is, in essence, a bit of well-written fan fiction of a literary character that most people don’t give more than a passing thought to. It isn’t high literature. It isn’t meant to teach us things about the human experience. But, sapphic love is great and needs as much representation as possible, so cheers…

It’sAQueerThang – January 2023

This episode covers the topic of hate crimes, specifically toward the LGBTQ+ community. Our guests include Fresno Police Chief Paco Balderama, US Attorney Phillip Talbert with the Department of Justice, Daren Miller with the Stop The Hate Town Hall plus Dr. Katherine Fobear of California State University Fresno discussing the new LGBTQ+ minor at the…

Book Review: Razorblade Tears

This book feels like a bit of a throwback to the more male-centered Thriller/Adventure novel and includes several familiar cliches and tropes, but it also can sit comfortably in the realm of Contemporary Fiction because while violence might be the beginning and end of the action, there is a lot of introspection and relationship building…

Book Review: Kiss Her Once For Me

And no, it isn’t entertaining because of the plot. We all know what is going to happen and when and pretty much how. It is very close to a story via paint-by-numbers. So, what saves it? The characters.

Book Review: Nevada

It is an important book. Not just for broadening one’s horizons, but also as a historical document. This book was (and still is) very important to the canon of queer and trans literature. For that reason alone, it should be read by anyone who wants a decent working knowledge of queer/trans history. 

Book Review: Payback’s A Witch

As is common in the genre of romance (and in YA) there is not a lot of character development but there is a fair bit of personal drama and angst. And while the characters are interesting and their fashion senses are extremely on point, I will say that I wanted more.


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