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Pages and Popcorn

80. The Black Eyed Blond / Marlow PagesAndPopcornPodcast

Kaylia and Matt talk about the modern story of the classic private detective in over his head that somewhat hits the mark and the movie based on it… that really really misses it. Show notes, links, resources, and back catalog of episodes: kmmamedia.com/pagesandpopcornpodcast Pages and Popcorn on Facebook: facebook.com/pagesandpopcornpodcast KMMA Media on Facebook: facebook.com/kmmamedia KMMA Media on Twitter and Instagram:@kmma_media Support us on Patreon at patreon.com/pagesandpopcornpodcast or via “Buy Us a Coffee” at buymeacoffee.com/kmmamedia
  1. 80. The Black Eyed Blond / Marlow
  2. 79. The Price of Salt / Carol
  3. 78. Are you there, God? It's me, Margaret.
  4. 77. Women Talking
  5. 76. Death on the Nile


65. Necromancers, Priests, and Protestants (With Dr. Justin Sledge) Ghosthropology

In this episode, Matt talks with Dr. Justin Sledge, an expert on esoteric and occult traditions in philosophy and religion. They discuss the transition from priests to necromancers in Medieval Europe as well as the influence of the Protestant Reformation on beliefs about ghosts. Esoterica: https://www.youtube.com/@TheEsotericaChannel/about Previous episodes, sources, show notes, and more: kmmamedia.com/podcasts/ghosthropology-podcast Find us on Facebook: facebook.com/ghosthropology This podcast is a part of the KMMA Media Network. To find out more visit kmmamedia.com/podcasts Instagram and Twitter @kmma_media
  1. 65. Necromancers, Priests, and Protestants (With Dr. Justin Sledge)
  2. 64. The Brookdale Lodge
  3. 63. Summer Camp Stories with Dawn Burley
  4. 62. Ghosts of NYU With Dr. Michele Hanks
  5. 61. Robert Johnson, Reconsidered

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