Copy Editor For Hire

There are a variety of copy editing / proofreading options.

I offer copy editing services for fiction (short stories, novellas, and novels), nonfictional essays, cover letters, resumes, portfolios, newsletters, correspondences, marketing/promotional materials, and web pages. 

Copy Editing: I assist you in terms of spelling, grammar, punctuation, word choice, sentence structure, etc.

Content Editing:  This is substantive and structural. We focus on narrative structure, voice, style, content, flow, pacing, POV, characterization, research verification, are you meeting your goals, etc

Revision: Only offered AFTER completion of Content Editing: We use constructive criticism and reworking techniques to polish your manuscript.  

Typically fiction clients opt for both copy and content which makes us more of a team and less of me a red pen wielding grammar nerd, but the choice is yours. For obvious reasons, if you only need a copy editor, your manuscript can be in any stage of completeness as I would be only editing the chunks you send me. Content editing can happen during the writing process, but is usually better with a completed draft.


I charge per word for most projects unless listed below. Word count is determined by the original word count of the submitted manuscript excluding the cover page. 

Copy Editing:                                    $0.02 a word

Content Editing:                               $0.04 a word

Both:                                                $0.05 a word

Revision:                                           flat rate of 50% of total editing cost

Example: Word count for a short story is 6,500.  Both Copy and Content Editing: $325. Revision: $162.50

Cover Letter / Resume                      $20.00 flat rate

Newsletter, Website, Etc                  TBD (based on layout design, and graphic needs)

NOTE: There is a flat 20% “quick fee” if you need a resume/cover letter project done within 24 hours. Only projects under 7000 words are eligible for this speed.

Turnaround time: This varies on time of year and how many other clients I have. We will work out a schedule together.

Novels and Longer Projects:

Writing can be difficult and time consuming. If we are going to team up, I need to know where you are and what you hope to gain from this whole “writing a book” experience. I have created a Potential Client Questionnaire that I would be happy to email you. Please email me at to get started!

Looking forward to working with you!

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