Monday’s Sundays in My City: New Work space!

Like last Sunday, I had a staff meeting at the Fresno LGBT Community Center yesterday. (We were going over our upcoming Cultural Competency Training Sessions with a few new panelists.) Anyway, while I was doing that, Ella and her daddy hung out at Starbucks in the Tower and people watched. Seriously, that kid is happiest whenContinue reading “Monday’s Sundays in My City: New Work space!”

Then and Now

I used to write about colors Especially Red And I would add photos To get your attention, make you pause, Enjoy the ride. I used to write about blogs And leave comments Peruse and beg to be perused Tempt you over to my own space on the web Entertain the masses I used to writeContinue reading “Then and Now”

Things I learned during my first day (back) at work.

Five months is a long time to be out of work. Years of reading my own bad handwriting has in no way prepared me to be able to read someone else’s bad handwriting. If I time my bus route right, the commute is 30 mins door to door. If I don’t…. it is more likeContinue reading “Things I learned during my first day (back) at work.”

It Isn’t Paranoia If It’s Real

The shredder stopped working today. It took one sheet and then another and then another and then nothing. It has been unplugged, replugged, shaken, cleaned, shaken, cleaned, moved, and everything else I can think to do… and yet. No shredding. Next, the copy machine got all persnickety and didn’t want to copy anything until aContinue reading “It Isn’t Paranoia If It’s Real”