Potatoes Au Gratin?

Potatoes Au Gratin (Easy!)  Some people say that if you don’t make thing by scratch then you are a dirty rotten cheater. I’m ok with that Because life is short and if it tastes good when it is done, well I say huzzah and let’s eat! On that note, here is my easy “cheater” recipe for potatoesContinue reading “Potatoes Au Gratin?”

Battered and Fried Zucchini

I was given a rather large zucchini over the weekend. What does one do with a zucchini this big, I wondered.  This is a big zucchini. Then I remembered that I am the daughter of a chief and a red blooded American.  So I fried it. I did a bit of looking online for ideasContinue reading “Battered and Fried Zucchini”

Pasta and Asparagus Dinner

Need:1 Jar medium priced pasta sauce (I like the basil flavored one)4-5 Spears of as fresh as you can get it Asparagus1 Garlic Clove1 Handful dry uncooked Angel hair pasta1 loaf French Baguette Butter and Olive OilWhatever spices are handy. Time before eating: The first 8 songs off of The Best of Sheryl Crow album.Continue reading “Pasta and Asparagus Dinner”