The Press Release!

Wanna read a Press Release? Yeah… I knew you would….. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Author Kaylia Metcalfe Introduces LinksShort Story Collection Celebrates Human Connections SANTA CRUZ, Calif. – In Links: A Collection of Short Stories (published by iUniverse), author Kaylia M. Metcalfe explores the complexity of relationships as she examines human beings’ struggle to connect, orContinue reading “The Press Release!”

AT&T… only 1 calorie of evil?

AT&T gets rid of Unlimited Data Plans. That sounds bad. It sounds like we are going to end up spending more money on our already pretty pricey phone bills. But… Not so! In today’s lesson of why it is good to read beyond the headlines…. This is actually a good thing for consumers. It isContinue reading “AT&T… only 1 calorie of evil?”

Murder… it’s murder.

As a follow up to this post, I thought I would share the good news. Scott Roeden has been found guilty of First Degree Murder for Dr. Tiller. He was also convicted of aggravated assault against other church members and faces life in prison. Apparently his claim that it was a”justifiable homicide” fell on deafContinue reading “Murder… it’s murder.”

Fun with Science and Statistics.

One of the things that I like about the Skeptical movement (if we must call it something) is the emphasis on critical thinking. The encouragement of looking past the “conclusions” of things and getting into the “concluded by who… and how… and why….” of things. Not that is it just skeptics (self proclaimed or otherwise),Continue reading “Fun with Science and Statistics.”

Doing Good in the Name of Doing Good

It is December… official month of holiday fun. I love this month… I love that my birthday is this month, I love that I get to see my family, I love that it is cold and dark but that the turning point of the season happens, I love that there are pretty twinkling lights andContinue reading “Doing Good in the Name of Doing Good”

Happiness is a warm something or other.

Some rather nice things…. Water on the moon! Not a lot… but a little has some possibly big consequences. Speaking of a little bit… a little bit of success for the AIDs Vaccine Soon my ifonay will be able to send and receive photos a-la text messages which will make the game “Where ae you?”Continue reading “Happiness is a warm something or other.”

In Defense of Baby Dolls and Boobs

Wow… say something negative remotely connected with boobs and the masses revolt. For the record: I am a fan of breastfeeding.I am a fan of breasts.I am a fan of kids being treated as kids and not mini adults.I am a fan of age appropriate toys. I am not a fan of breastfeeding dolls… IContinue reading “In Defense of Baby Dolls and Boobs”