Thankfully some things don’t change.

I saw my sister for the first time in a few months recently and was shocked at how much older she looked with her new hair cut. Not older as in actually old, she is only 18 for goodness sakes, but older as in more mature. Then I realized that it was more than theContinue reading “Thankfully some things don’t change.”

Down With Feeling Up

So after being told that my iron levels are still too low to donate blood (again) I was feeling a bit down. Apparently I need to eat more of stuff like this: Blah. I then spent some time looking online at apartments I can’t afford on my own. (Depressing) … and then some time onContinue reading “Down With Feeling Up”

All Answers Have Questions (part one)

The world is full of questions. Recently I was invited to take part in yet another survey/study regarding bloggers. (Some of you might remember when I was interviewed before by Dr. Jesse Daniels (PhD) regarding “feminist bloggers”) This new study has to do with personality and blogging and I am finding the questions interesting andContinue reading “All Answers Have Questions (part one)”

Happy New Year’s Everyone!

Last night we rang in the New Year with a laid back party type gathering. Jessica and I did some last minute shopping at the dollar store and the Fremont Food Max and viola! A party happened! She made the most amazing meatballs… they had jelly and chili sauce and something else.. I don’t know,Continue reading “Happy New Year’s Everyone!”

Somethings are better bought.

Oh good grief… is it Tuesday already? That means.. it’s time for Ruby Tuesday! And even if my entry is pathetic, lame, err.. later than everyone else’s.. well, it is still Tuesday for a bit yet eh? Today’s edition of RT is all abut the yummy good forms of icing, and the gross bad formsContinue reading “Somethings are better bought.”