I’m a Pusher… or at least a Pusher-Backer!

I was recently “tagged” into a FB debate about vaccines. (not for the first nor the last time….) The article in question was called 4 Ways to Restore Trust in the US Vaccination Program and and can be found here. Apparently the problem anti vax people have with vaccines is that they haven’t been given sufficientContinue reading “I’m a Pusher… or at least a Pusher-Backer!”

Skepticism and the LGBT Community

It is important to remember to be skeptical. Skeptical of petition pushers who sound like they really are making the world safer.Skeptical of ballot referendums that sound like they are being fair.Skeptical of “natural transitioning” methods that sound easier and cheaper than Testosterone injections. Critical thinking skills are more than just that section that youContinue reading “Skepticism and the LGBT Community”

Fun with Science and Statistics.

One of the things that I like about the Skeptical movement (if we must call it something) is the emphasis on critical thinking. The encouragement of looking past the “conclusions” of things and getting into the “concluded by who… and how… and why….” of things. Not that is it just skeptics (self proclaimed or otherwise),Continue reading “Fun with Science and Statistics.”