Creepy Red and Some Green Ds.

Lots of stuff to write about this week… Hot Roller Derby Girls, The Continueing Weight Loss Challenge, Why Dating Advice Sucks (no matter who gives it), Mad Men, the 4400, Adventures on a Train, News Regarding My New Roommate, and much much more…. But first, it is Tuesday, that means somewhere Dawn is in trouble*,Continue reading “Creepy Red and Some Green Ds.”

West of the Red Fave Story

It’s Tuesday… must be Meme Day! For starters I have my Ruby Tuesday! entry for you…. The brick arches of the neighborhood family owned burrito place… that has now been taken over by….these guys. Which is slightly sad except that there are a lot of Mexican restaurants in downtown SJ… and a really excellent burritoContinue reading “West of the Red Fave Story”