Feminism and Children’s Books

I watched a few Facebook feeds explode the other day, and I kept thinking “Is this really happening .. in 2013?” The subject was feminism. Do you have to be a feminist if you are a woman?If you are a woman and you don’t want to be a feminist, are you a bad woman?If youContinue reading “Feminism and Children’s Books”

The Blame Game: Facebook Edition!

You know what’s stupid? Blaming the wrong thing for your problems. No, I’m not talking about blaming McDonald’s because you are overweight or blaming gun owners for one idiot’s rampage (although sure, those fit the rant but others have already blathered on and on about them). I’m talking about Facebook. First we have this articleContinue reading “The Blame Game: Facebook Edition!”

Anne of Green Gables New Cover Art FAIL

Oh Good Grief. Longtime blog readers might remember this piece I wrote eons ago when the Sweet Valley High books were re-released. Yeah I had issues with the changes, but I had a bigger problem with the idea of the art itself being changed no mater how or why. (The books are a form ofContinue reading “Anne of Green Gables New Cover Art FAIL”

The "Lady" Survey

Sometimes I makeyoutube videso. Not often… some might say “not often enough” other would probably say “way too often” but whatever. Here is my latest: -note, I didn’t actually have a list of the questions, I had to jot them down while watching Unseldomdrastic’s video response… but afterwards I got a list… so if my answers aren’t right onContinue reading “The "Lady" Survey”

I’m a Pusher… or at least a Pusher-Backer!

I was recently “tagged” into a FB debate about vaccines. (not for the first nor the last time….) The article in question was called 4 Ways to Restore Trust in the US Vaccination Program and and can be found here. Apparently the problem anti vax people have with vaccines is that they haven’t been given sufficientContinue reading “I’m a Pusher… or at least a Pusher-Backer!”

Then and Now

I used to write about colors Especially Red And I would add photos To get your attention, make you pause, Enjoy the ride. I used to write about blogs And leave comments Peruse and beg to be perused Tempt you over to my own space on the web Entertain the masses I used to writeContinue reading “Then and Now”

"Ewwww,…(Insert Pet Peeve here)"

I went to the eye doctor recently. Just a routine check up since it had been a few years… and well, since I have been lucky enough to have undergone several eye surgeries, it is a good idea to check in every now and then. I am also always optimistic that medical science will haveContinue reading “"Ewwww,…(Insert Pet Peeve here)"”