Book Review: Once There Were Wolves

This beautifully written novel is about what is wild and what we should fear. In the hands of a less skilled author, the connective tissue between the multiple plot lines would have been stretched too thin or been too tenuous to hold together. McConaghy, however, does a wonderful job of bringing her themes through all the various plot points and builds connections around them. What is wild vs civilized? How does the struggle between the two inform and reflect in our sense of family, community, fear of the unknown, and the question of how far we will go to protect what we hold dear?

Book Review: The 7.5 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

We sort of know what we are getting ourselves into… but then the carpet is thoroughly pulled out from under us at chapter 9 and everything changes. This is very very cool if you, like me, hadn’t been spoiled by the back of the book.

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