A July Morning of Awesome

I suddenly realized that I’m having a great morning so far. I mean, sure, no one wants to get up before 6 with a crying baby. Yeah. Crying. She used to wake up happy, she used to play in her crib and over the monitor I would hear coos and giggles. I peeked once, sheContinue reading “A July Morning of Awesome”

Show me…. sentimental object!

It’s that time again… time for the Show Me Project! This week: Show me… an object of sentimental value.For me that’s my engagement ring. Matthew proposed to me on April 13th of last year. In Santa Cruz He took me to a bluff overlooking the beach and the Boardwalk and talkedabout how much he loved the FridayContinue reading “Show me…. sentimental object!”

Boys on Bikes, God, and A Rainbow Connection

Ever since I interviewed Matt Mazzei about his grassroots organization, the Rainbow Delegation, (for GayFresn.com, read the article here), I have proudly worn my own rainbow bracelet. I don’t bother to take it off at that pool or in the shower. It has, like my support of the LGBT community, become an unavoidable part of myself. The braceletsContinue reading “Boys on Bikes, God, and A Rainbow Connection”

Local Event: Fresno Celebrates Heroes!

My latest article over at GayFresno! Next Wednesday at Fresno State the Central California Alliance and the Bulldog Pride Fund will host “Celebrating Local Heroes”“  Featuring Robin McGehee (GetEQUAL), Matthew Mazzei (The Rainbow Delegation), and Andrew McIntosh (former NCAA athlete, current Fresno State grad student), the evening promises to be educational and a rallying point forContinue reading “Local Event: Fresno Celebrates Heroes!”

What does it mean to be an ally?

My latest post for GayFresno is up! Here’s the teaser. Last week I attended the Fresno City College Pride Celebration.  Unsurprisingly, I heard a lot of talk about equality, about the need for change, about hate crime statues, about the overcoming of challenges. All those things were great to talk about, but one thing reallyContinue reading “What does it mean to be an ally?”

Wait a Minute Mister "Postman"

Last week I went to the post office. Or, I tried. See, I had this left over Christmas present that was supposed to go to someone I thoughtI would see over the New Years. But. He didn’t come over. So. I needed to mail it. I pulled out my trusty google map and looked upContinue reading “Wait a Minute Mister "Postman"”