A July Morning of Awesome

I suddenly realized that I’m having a great morning so far. I mean, sure, no one wants to get up before 6 with a crying baby. Yeah. Crying. She used to wake up happy, she used to play in her crib and over the monitor I would hear coos and giggles. I peeked once, sheContinue reading “A July Morning of Awesome”

Adventures in frustration

So. Ella had her six month check up today. Despite the fact that she turned seven months old recently…. when we made the appointment during her 4 month check up, this was the soonest they could schedule her in. Have you heard me complain about her doctor’s office yet?  I hate her Doctor’s office. It is aContinue reading “Adventures in frustration”

A Box and a Loaf of Bread… in other words… Hope

To stave off the looming sense of misplaced but still powerful depression I have been attempting to equal parts hide from and ignore, today I did two things. I built a cardboard playhouse for Ella and I baked banana bread. First, the cardboard. It was a diaper box from Amazon. It became a little enclosureContinue reading “A Box and a Loaf of Bread… in other words… Hope”

Show me…. sentimental object!

It’s that time again… time for the Show Me Project! This week: Show me… an object of sentimental value.For me that’s my engagement ring. Matthew proposed to me on April 13th of last year. In Santa Cruz He took me to a bluff overlooking the beach and the Boardwalk and talkedabout how much he loved the FridayContinue reading “Show me…. sentimental object!”

Show Me…. Your Table!

Welcome to the Show Me Project! This week’s assignment  March 1st / Show me… your table! (Dining room table, coffee table, or patio table… whatever table gets the most love or tells the most interesting story!) I decided to do our coffee table as it is a bit more reflective of our daily lives. First offContinue reading “Show Me…. Your Table!”

Car Seats and College Smarts

So. I consider myself relatively intelligent  I’m not one of those super smart people, but when I apply myself, I can usually understand moderately complex ideas. My Maifan-San, on the other hand, is all sorts of brainy bright. Between the two of us, I think we do rather well in the cognitive thinking parts of life. Continue reading “Car Seats and College Smarts”