Burn Baby Burn!

also posted on the GCV blogHad to share… We talked last week about corporations that are advocating for LGBT equality.. and mentioned General Mills. You know, the company that makes Cheerios. (yum) Well… this man, apparently, decided to protest General Mills and their stance on equality… by burning a box of Cheerios. Which, sure, isContinue reading “Burn Baby Burn!”

Skepticism and the LGBT Community

It is important to remember to be skeptical. Skeptical of petition pushers who sound like they really are making the world safer.Skeptical of ballot referendums that sound like they are being fair.Skeptical of “natural transitioning” methods that sound easier and cheaper than Testosterone injections. Critical thinking skills are more than just that section that youContinue reading “Skepticism and the LGBT Community”

Boys on Bikes, God, and A Rainbow Connection

Ever since I interviewed Matt Mazzei about his grassroots organization, the Rainbow Delegation, (for GayFresn.com, read the article here), I have proudly worn my own rainbow bracelet. I don’t bother to take it off at that pool or in the shower. It has, like my support of the LGBT community, become an unavoidable part of myself. The braceletsContinue reading “Boys on Bikes, God, and A Rainbow Connection”

Local Event: Fresno Celebrates Heroes!

My latest article over at GayFresno! Next Wednesday at Fresno State the Central California Alliance and the Bulldog Pride Fund will host “Celebrating Local Heroes”“  Featuring Robin McGehee (GetEQUAL), Matthew Mazzei (The Rainbow Delegation), and Andrew McIntosh (former NCAA athlete, current Fresno State grad student), the evening promises to be educational and a rallying point forContinue reading “Local Event: Fresno Celebrates Heroes!”

What does it mean to be an ally?

My latest post for GayFresno is up! Here’s the teaser. Last week I attended the Fresno City College Pride Celebration.  Unsurprisingly, I heard a lot of talk about equality, about the need for change, about hate crime statues, about the overcoming of challenges. All those things were great to talk about, but one thing reallyContinue reading “What does it mean to be an ally?”

Weekly Round Up for Friday April 29th

My weekly round up of news and tid-bits is up at GayFresno. Here’s the tease… According to Rebecca Black today is all about fun, fun, fun, fun, but before you rush off to celebrate the royal wedding/   or get dolled up for Saturday’s ICD’s “An Evening Under the Stars” event, here are a a few highlights from this week’s news.Continue reading “Weekly Round Up for Friday April 29th”

Tribunal Rules Against Catholic Adoption Agency

I have a new article up over at GayFresno. England: Catholic Cares, a Catholic run adoption service agency, just lost what might be a landmark appeal regarding their right to discriminate. The agency, run by the Diocese of Leeds, maintains that it shouldn’t have to consider same-sex couples. The organization has been fighting for anContinue reading “Tribunal Rules Against Catholic Adoption Agency”

Quick note and a shameless plea…..

Howdy! Free Rainbow Delegation bracelets to show support for the LGBT community.  The past few days have been busy! As the newest blogger over at Gay Fresno, I was out all day yesterday at the Fresno City College Pride Celebration. (And here is my article about it!) The event was great. I got to meet aContinue reading “Quick note and a shameless plea…..”