Who Sings The Songs of Sweetness?

When I was a young girl my cousin Jennifer and I used to sing in church. Not the typical everyone is singing in church type of signing… but the two little girls in matching outfits up on the stage with microphones bigger than they were belting out “He’s Still Working On Me” and laying theContinue reading “Who Sings The Songs of Sweetness?”

"Its Friday, I’m in Blog!"

And for today’s dose of time waste…. (although I took the time signatures off) Be prepared, next week I will be back to not doing this… three days of the senseless crap of my day is probably enough to last y’all quite a while. I woke up early today for a silly reason. I don’tContinue reading “"Its Friday, I’m in Blog!"”


I was umm, working, earlier and came across this webpage complete with little video depicting how great it is to live in downtown San Jose. The video does what it is supposed to do… make the area attractive. I could get belligerent and note that they don’t mention the homeless problem, the danger of randomContinue reading “Downtown…..”

When Appliances Go Bad.

(A Kitchen Tale) Her name is Kelly and while she makes an excellent friend in that occasional brunch kind of way, there are times when the thought of her having children makes me worry. A few days ago, Kelly was at home, spending her evening watching American Idol and no doubt painting her nails. SheContinue reading “When Appliances Go Bad.”