You Tube Bless Us, Everyone!

Well yes, it is indeed time for the winter holidays. Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, Solstice…. For your viewing pleasure I have put together a few happy, silly, pretty, and downright hilarious videos… or rather I took half an hour on you tube and found a few happy, silly, pretty, and downright hilarious videos. This first oneContinue reading “You Tube Bless Us, Everyone!”

Thank You Arnold, Thank You Rob

Update: According to the Associated Press, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says he will veto an $18 billion package of budget cuts and tax increases Democratic lawmakers pushed through the Legislature. He said it didn’t do enough. I would like to point out that sometimes, when you wait for the perfect day to go camping youContinue reading “Thank You Arnold, Thank You Rob”

Painting The Town Red

Yes indeed, it’s Ruby Tuesday! And because it is, after all, December…. Here are a few holiday type RT photos. *From the mall… because nothing says Holiday Magic like Sales and Shoppng and Standing In Line and Dinner at The Pretzel Stand…. Now on to the interesting ones yes? Last week The (Green Eyed StudmuffinContinue reading “Painting The Town Red”

Lest We Don’t Protest

“One two three four, we won’t take it anymore!” “You gotta Fight, for your Right, to stuuuudy!” “Gay Straight, Black White, Same Issues Same Fight!” Over the years, I have attended many rallies, protests, sit ins, demonstrations, and instances of activist civil disobedience. I have been interviewed and photographed by the press (radio, television, andContinue reading “Lest We Don’t Protest”

And now for something else….

I am thrilled that Obama won.. and morally horrified by my fellow Californians who chose bigotry over common sense. BUT… instead of complaining or commiserating… I instead will get back to the reason so many of you bother to click over here. An amusing story! A few weeks ago I was in San Francisco hangingContinue reading “And now for something else….”

Cute… or Just Creepy?

Ruby Tuesday! Ok ok ok… I will have flowers in my Ruby Tuesday… at least this one time. Sometimes the photos are cute… sometimes they feel slightly stalker-ish and creepy. You decide. We took a break from the rainy weather and went to Monterey for the afternoon on Sunday where I saw these very prettyContinue reading “Cute… or Just Creepy?”

Running With The Short Ones

Do you remember what it was like to be a kid? I don’t. I remember certain aspects of childhood (legos, frozen otter pops, my first Barbie) and I remember certain moments of my childhood. (taking piano lessons, watching my little sister be born, helping my dad with the burn piles on the ranch) but theContinue reading “Running With The Short Ones”