Creepy Red and Some Green Ds.

Lots of stuff to write about this week… Hot Roller Derby Girls, The Continueing Weight Loss Challenge, Why Dating Advice Sucks (no matter who gives it), Mad Men, the 4400, Adventures on a Train, News Regarding My New Roommate, and much much more…. But first, it is Tuesday, that means somewhere Dawn is in trouble*,Continue reading “Creepy Red and Some Green Ds.”

The Maifan-San: Origin Story

About once a week I get an email asking me about The Maifan-San. Regular readers of my blog sometimes have a vague glimmer of who this is, while others are downright confused. So I thought I would write a quick post explaining him and his unusual nickname. Partly because he is fun to talk aboutContinue reading “The Maifan-San: Origin Story”

Down With Feeling Up

So after being told that my iron levels are still too low to donate blood (again) I was feeling a bit down. Apparently I need to eat more of stuff like this: Blah. I then spent some time looking online at apartments I can’t afford on my own. (Depressing) … and then some time onContinue reading “Down With Feeling Up”


Earlier today my blogroll went something like this: · Bad AstronomyTen Things You Don’t Know About the Sun· Why? What Have You Heard?Two4Tuesday #2: “Big/Small”· Friendly AtheistThey Know Why Atheists Reject Christianity· Dr. John’s FortressA Word in Prayer· The Blowfish Blog[The Pro Circuit] Reading Playboy For the Articles· Anthroslug the Much Put-UponJapan Photos – theContinue reading “Variety”

Thank You Tangled Inter-Web

Over the past few weeks I have been lucky enough to have seen a side of the inter-webs that is truly wonderful. It started with Lisa posting my blog link as part of Blog Amnesty Day (when you are supposed to highlight smaller blogs as a way of keeping this self surviving cycle of blog-i-nessContinue reading “Thank You Tangled Inter-Web”

Red to Eat, Drink, and Wear

Yes indeed it is time again for a photo featuring a bit of red for this week’s edition of Ruby Tuesday. I wish I could delight you with pretty photos of red sunsets or gorgeous rd flowers or bizarre and strangely alluring red somethings of some sort but alas, it has been a pretty typicalContinue reading “Red to Eat, Drink, and Wear”

Happy New Year’s Everyone!

Last night we rang in the New Year with a laid back party type gathering. Jessica and I did some last minute shopping at the dollar store and the Fremont Food Max and viola! A party happened! She made the most amazing meatballs… they had jelly and chili sauce and something else.. I don’t know,Continue reading “Happy New Year’s Everyone!”