Monday’s Sundays In My City: The Missed Parade

Back in the long long ago when I was an active part of the Blog-o-sphere, I used to visit a blogger named Unknown Mami. She was awesome. Right around the time I stopped posting so much I noticed that she did a weekly post called “Sundays In My City and she invited us other bloggersContinue reading “Monday’s Sundays In My City: The Missed Parade”

Then and Now

I used to write about colors Especially Red And I would add photos To get your attention, make you pause, Enjoy the ride. I used to write about blogs And leave comments Peruse and beg to be perused Tempt you over to my own space on the web Entertain the masses I used to writeContinue reading “Then and Now”

Boys on Bikes, God, and A Rainbow Connection

Ever since I interviewed Matt Mazzei about his grassroots organization, the Rainbow Delegation, (for, read the article here), I have proudly worn my own rainbow bracelet. I don’t bother to take it off at that pool or in the shower. It has, like my support of the LGBT community, become an unavoidable part of myself. The braceletsContinue reading “Boys on Bikes, God, and A Rainbow Connection”

Writer’s Workshop!

Saturday June 18th, Noon – 3pm.Fresno LGBT Community Center 1055 N. Van Ness Ave Suite C Fresno CA Come join community members to get help or guidance in crafting your submission for the USP’s LGBT+ Anthology! USP is currently accepting submissions of personal stories of the LGBT experience (either directly or peripherally) for an anthologyContinue reading “Writer’s Workshop!”