Show me…. sentimental object!

It’s that time again… time for the Show Me Project! This week: Show me… an object of sentimental value.For me that’s my engagement ring. Matthew proposed to me on April 13th of last year. In Santa Cruz He took me to a bluff overlooking the beach and the Boardwalk and talkedabout how much he loved the FridayContinue reading “Show me…. sentimental object!”

Quick Update and Movie Preview!

Hello blog world! Things are pretty much just trucking along in Kay-land, although there are a few exciting things on the horizon such as a writer’s conference! Yay for FogCon! Also, starting next week Ella and I will be hosting little J in the mornings while his mommy works. J is almost exactly a yearContinue reading “Quick Update and Movie Preview!”

Monday’s Sundays in My City: New Work space!

Like last Sunday, I had a staff meeting at the Fresno LGBT Community Center yesterday. (We were going over our upcoming Cultural Competency Training Sessions with a few new panelists.) Anyway, while I was doing that, Ella and her daddy hung out at Starbucks in the Tower and people watched. Seriously, that kid is happiest whenContinue reading “Monday’s Sundays in My City: New Work space!”

Alone! (well, sort of)

We are now alone. Well, sort of. There are four of us. One who fights epic battles with flies and takes up very little space…. Olive: Protector of the house! One who is tiny and makes her presence known mostly through kicks and by jumping on my bladder.  Matt, Me, and Fishy makes three! But still. WeContinue reading “Alone! (well, sort of)”