Once more into the breach….

We survived our summer! (The trip was LONG). Now I am officially the mother of a grade schooler… and thiiiiiis close to finishing my certificate for Copy Editing. And… in case I didn’t have enough commitments… I am on the Social Media Team for UUCF! And I will be teaching Sunday School again. There are a fewContinue reading “Once more into the breach….”

The MLP / Hamilton Mashup You Know You Want

So sometimes I write profound literary things.Sometimes I rewrite Hamilton to be about My Little Pony. I’m…. versatile. (And I have a five-year-old) How does a pony, book worn onlyGood at crafin’ spells, doing work for royaltySent to a colored place of metaphorFilled with loneliness and feelings unsureGrow up to be a bad ass kickin’Continue reading “The MLP / Hamilton Mashup You Know You Want”