Book Review: Half Sick of Shadows

A feminist retelling of the Arthurian legend from the Elaine (Elaine the Mad or The Lady of Shalott) this book is dark, beautiful, surprising, and wonderful.

Book Review: The Perishing

It’s speculative fiction but the rules of the “speculation” part are never clearly stated or understood by the characters. Very frustrating. I really liked the concept and I really wanted to love this book. And yet.

Book Review: Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal

Biff is an asshat, a self-serving narcissist who exemplifies low-brow adolescent bro behavior. He finds himself endlessly amusing and the “jokes” are a mile a minute with only a few passages that aren’t over the top or played for humor. As schticks go, this one wore very thin very fast.

Book Review: The Midnight Library

The sort of book perfect for a rainy day and a cup of tea. But be warned, it might give you complex dreams or feelings of “what if….” especially if you too are in the middle section of your life.

Book Review: Girl Made of Stars

YA: Sexual trauma, the patriarchy, the blind spots we all have, and the choice to still love someone after they do an unforgivable thing. A bit trope-y, a bit rushed, and with teenagers who don’t seem quite real, this is nevertheless a well-written book about important issues.

Book Review: The Book of Longings

Ana is a feminist in the first century who wants to be a voice not just for herself but for all the women whose stories are forgotten, ignored, or hidden. Her struggle between society expectations vs what she longed to do with her life… felt very familiar.

Book Review: The Chicken Sisters

Like the romcoms and Hallmark movies that obviously inspired it, there is not as much tension of “will there be a happy ending or not”, but rather how will these stubborn characters find their way to that happy ending freeze frame we know is waiting ahead of the credits.

Book Review: Apples Never Fall

Once again, Moriarty does not disappoint. I love the balance she has of high family drama, some really f-ed up human behavior… with sweetness bordering on…. dare I say, wholesomeness? It is a winning combination.