When Appliances Go Bad.

(A Kitchen Tale) Her name is Kelly and while she makes an excellent friend in that occasional brunch kind of way, there are times when the thought of her having children makes me worry. A few days ago, Kelly was at home, spending her evening watching American Idol and no doubt painting her nails. SheContinue reading “When Appliances Go Bad.”

One last thing before I start…

As I tried to convey in my first post… I am going to use this blog as a way of keeping up with my writing and my critical thinking… in other words my learning and continual (hopeful) development as a writer. Again, the whole goal is to write something worth reading. And to keep writing.Continue reading “One last thing before I start…”

Hello, my name is Kay and I am a writer.

Hello, my name is Kay and I am a writer. Sort of. One of my life goals is “to write something worth reading” and in pursuit of this goal I have written a lot, and most of it not worth reading. But I keep trying. Sometimes I try in a passive sense. Sometimes I don’tContinue reading “Hello, my name is Kay and I am a writer.”