Oh, Oh, Oh, Sweet Art Of Mine

In a nutshell, the delightfully insipid Sweet Valley High books that spawned the Sweet Valley Twins and the Sweet Valley Kids series (as well as many many parental headaches regarding “why is my daughter insisting on reading that crap?”) are being updated for the modern generation. Since the books are dated by being from TheContinue reading “Oh, Oh, Oh, Sweet Art Of Mine”

The Only Madonna Song I Ever Liked

All I can say, is that I was crazy. Yes, Crazy. It fits. I looked it up. Crazy: senseless, impractical, totally unsound, mentally deranged, insane, intensely enthusiastic, passionately excited, intensely eager… and down a bit right after unusual, bizarre, wonderful… came the clincher…likely to break or fall to pieces, weak. Yes, I was crazy. YearsContinue reading “The Only Madonna Song I Ever Liked”

Hitting her… but for a "good" reason

There is an outdated belief that lacking a religious moral code is the same as lacking any sort of moral code… that if one doesn’t believe in a god, then one lack convictions in other areas… that a nonreligious person is a non-moral person…etc. Not only are these ideas ludicrous, but blogs and articles writtenContinue reading “Hitting her… but for a "good" reason”

Another Learning Experience

On the light rail, riding… destination important in the macro level of things but really, I remind myself, it is the journey that counts. Amidst the outside darkness lights flash by the tinted windows, impossible to really see through with the glowing internal lights and rain smears. Is it morning? Is it night? Am IContinue reading “Another Learning Experience”

When Appliances Go Bad.

(A Kitchen Tale) Her name is Kelly and while she makes an excellent friend in that occasional brunch kind of way, there are times when the thought of her having children makes me worry. A few days ago, Kelly was at home, spending her evening watching American Idol and no doubt painting her nails. SheContinue reading “When Appliances Go Bad.”

One last thing before I start…

As I tried to convey in my first post… I am going to use this blog as a way of keeping up with my writing and my critical thinking… in other words my learning and continual (hopeful) development as a writer. Again, the whole goal is to write something worth reading. And to keep writing.Continue reading “One last thing before I start…”

Hello, my name is Kay and I am a writer.

Hello, my name is Kay and I am a writer. Sort of. One of my life goals is “to write something worth reading” and in pursuit of this goal I have written a lot, and most of it not worth reading. But I keep trying. Sometimes I try in a passive sense. Sometimes I don’tContinue reading “Hello, my name is Kay and I am a writer.”