Book Review: The Need

Conversational, quick, detailed, and very descriptive. Philips spends ample time showing us the strains of early motherhood on her protagonist. Her prose is highly believable and honest and she shifts our focus and emotions seamlessly.

Review: Such A Fun Age

The style of this book is very “beach read.” It is fast. It isn’t deep literary. It’s a Long Island Iced Tea… it goes down smooth and you are all giddy and enjoying yourself and then WHAM you realize that you have been accidentally complicit in racist crap by rooting for Alix and the world is much bigger and more complex… all is not how it has been portrayed and the last quarter of your drink was straight whiskey.

Murder in the Name of God, God: "No Comment"

A Wichita district court judge will allow Scott Roeder to use a voluntary manslaughter defense — a tactic that could allow him to walk free after just four years if he is convicted of killing abortion provider Dr. George Tiller. Roeder has admitted shooting Dr. Tiller in the head as the physician ushered at SundayContinue reading “Murder in the Name of God, God: "No Comment"”