Checking In: Good with Words, Bad with Bread

I don’t really want to check-in, but there is a part of me that knows that I will regret it down the road if I don’t.

So, here I am.

How are things?

Pretty good! The husband and I are both vaccinated… the kiddo is not because she is not old enough.

The world is getting back to a normal-adjacent sort of place. We still can’t so some things and we are still uncomfy doing others (especially with the kiddo’s lack of a vaccine and the delta variant being a thing). 

I have maintained my “write one book review every week” goal! That’s 30 book reviews in 2021 if you are keeping count. YAY! (I know you know it… but here is the link anyway.)

I have maintained my podcast schedule. Both podcast schedules actually, so double yay for that!

My kid thrived at online school and is having a really good summer. My marriage is solid and I am pretty sure that I am still getting more “good wife/partner” points than “ummmm, what the fuck were you thinking?” points. 

That’s the good.

Here is the not so good.

A few of my friendships are struggling. It is not all one-sided, but there is blame on my side that I have to rectify with. It’s easy to blame the pandemic, but I think sometimes I have stretched myself too thin and people I care about have fallen through the cracks. I need to be a better friend.


Oh boy, this is the biggie.

I have gained ten pounds since January.

Holy Crap. 

I know the number on the scale shouldn’t matter… but it does. I am now the heaviest I have ever been when not pregnant. 

More than just a scale wake-up call, it is a symbol. It tells me that I have not just fallen down on the job of taking good care of myself, I have become complacent about a few health aspects of my life. I am not exercising, eating decently, getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, being good about my meds, dealing with an injury sustained back in.. March or April (can’t remember)… 

In short, I need to eat less bread and candy and actualy exercise. I have fallen down on the job of Body Maintenance and Health and that sucks.

It sucks because I have no “good excuse.” It sucks because it changes how I see myself. It sucks because I am getting older and therefore recalibrating/starting over/getting back into the swing of things is harder. It sucks because these bad decisions can have long-term repercussions. It just sucks all around.

So, ok. My personal scorecard is sitting at a C+/B- I think that’s a fair assessment even if I am not thrilled by it. 

On the horizon… The new school year (I signed up for a few new responsibilities and challenges), I have set a few new writing goals, I will probably do a bit more freelance work, there is an upcoming home remodel project that I am VERY EXCITED about,…. And apparently, I will be working on being a better friend and treating my body better. 

Doable? Sure.

Now I just need to do it!

Wish me luck!

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