Resignation Acrostic Idea (aka The F U Trump letter)

Last week the entirety of the President’s Committee On The Arts and Humanities resigned with a letter containing a now famous acrostic. (The first letter of each paragraph spells out RESIST)

Yesterday Daniel Kammen (State Department science envoy) followed the acrostic trend and resigned with a related message. This time: IMPEACH was the message readers found.

Since the acrostic resignation is sure to become even more widespread, I have helpfully created a “Fuck you” version for the rest of the White house staff and any GOPers who might grow a backbone and posted it on my Twitter profile. (Although it was originally posted in a comment thread and that is where most of the trolls have been showing themselves calling me ugly, fat, a bot (?), talking shit about my mom (!?), and all the usual not-at-all-creative insults from the Trump supporters.)

I’m a giver.

My little note has gotten a fair amount of attention on Twitter, but I know not everyone is on that platform… so here it is again.

For what it’s worth: I wanted this job 

Unfortunately I can’t stay here 
Considering how inept you are, I have made a decision 
Knowing this is for the best, I must resign. 

You have left me no choice. 
Obviously I’m not giving two weeks notice. 
Understand, it’s not me. It’s you.

It really could be used for so many situations.
You’re welcome

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