See NKOTB In Concert? CHECK

Got to mark another item off my bucket list last week thanks to my sister and her epic gift giving.

That’s right. 
I’m 36 years old and I screamed and danced my way through a nostalgia filled evening with Boys II Men, Paula Freakin’ Abdul and NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK
As a kid, I was left out of a lot of stuff because we didn’t have a TV, my parents were super strict, I was a nerd before being nerd was cool, or at least enough of a thing that you could find fellow nerds. Nope, back in the days of my childhood and the teeny tiny private school I attended… you had maybe three options for friends because there were literally only 9 kids in your fifth grade 
I’m not joking.
So when the other three girls started talking about The New Kids on the Block and how great they were… you bet I jumped on that bandwagon. To be precise, I flagged it down, clambered aboard and duct taped myself to the back bumper.
Image result for new kids on the block first album
I was a NKOTB fan even after no one else was… because for a while, I was IN… I borrowed magazines and tapes and I knew things! I knew their names! I knew thier ages. At one point I knew thier favorite colors and pizza toppings. (Thakfully age has robed me of these things.)
And yeah… I had a favorite. 
Partly because he wore a hat. Partly because he was (and still is) the cutest. Partly because he sang all my favorite songs.
Image result for new kids on the block young Donnie
ANYWAY… by 8th grade I only listened to them in secret. By 15, I pretended that I had never listened to them. Bu in my late 20s I reclaimed my inner weirdo and refused to have shame when I blasted their albums while dance cleaning.
And now… now at 36 I got to see them in CONCERT!
It was… amazing. They were silly, self depreciating, and sweet. They were obviously having a great time and so was the crowd. Again, I was IN. I was a part of this mass of people (women and men) who wanted to dance to silly white boy pop and giggle at the floating phallus symbols projected on the stage. We all wanted to reclaim a bit of our youth, where music was magical because  it was slightly hard to come by and hearing *your song* on the radio was a sign that the universe loved you. The early 90s were a simpler time… and it was damn fun to revisit them as an adult, even if for only a few hours.
Thank you sister Kristen for an amazing night I will never forget!

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