Credit Cards, French Revolution, and Nail Polish!

The world is far more complex and interesting than we tend to think. Today I want to do a Throwback Thursday that is a bit different.


A quick little history of credit cards… did you know they got their start here in Fresno? I didn’t!

And…. on this day in history: King Louis the 16th was killed after being found guilty of conspiracy with foreign powers by the French National Convention.

This is a big deal. Killing the Monarch and killing the monarchy led the way for different types of government… like our own. As I am currently working my way through the French Revolution by Mike Duncan (something I cannot recommend highly enough*), I find that interesting. Wanna know something else that is interesting? You have heard of the Reign of Terror… you know, the big “everybody gets to die” part of the French Revolution? Well it was carried out by a committee called the Committee of Public Safety. These guys were all about killing those who spoke up or who were even remotely connected to those who spoke up against the new government in France. (Ironic since freedom was part of the reason behind the revolution in the first place…)

ANYway,  remember that group of batshit insane “freedom” fighters aka the Domestic Terrorists in Oregon? Yeah… well apparently the outside group that is supporting them (formed before the occupation as a way of illustrating local support) is called … The Committee of Safety! I have to wonder at their choice of names. Yeah, it isn’t the same. But it i close and it is just as wacky.

And lastly, because why not, here are a few facts about the history of … Nail Polish!

(Ironic choice i know as I have finally accepted that I bite my nails and cannot stop so 2016 is the first year I can remember NOT making “grow out my nails” a NY resolution… but I digress…)

Interesting Facts about Nail Polish

— Invented in China
— First color by Revlon was cream
— Acrylic nails were (partly) invented by a dentist: in the late 70s, Dr. Stuart Nordstrom, invented the professional liquid and powder system used in acrylics. 
— There are 13 (!) types of nail polish finishes; And they include: shimmer, micro-shimmer, micro-glitter, glitter, frost, lustre, crème, prismatic micro-glitter or shimmer, iridescent, opalescent, matte, duo-chrome, and translucent.

You future Trivial Pursuit champions can thank me later!

Anyway, have a great Thursday!

* Seriously. He did the English Revolution, the American Revolution, and is currently doing the Haitian Revolution… 20-ish minutes each and done with a great ability to tell you what you need to know in a storytelling format that keeps you engaged and learning… I cannot say enough good things about this series. Except that the only thing I love more than his Revolutions series was his History of Rome series which was incredibly long but incredibly fascinating. Check it out. Really. Check it out, you will be glad you did.

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