Buried Rant

I am in process of cleaning out my computer hard drive.

Which means I am weeding through old things and deleting them etc.

And I found what was supposed to be a blog post that should have been posted in July.

Of 2009.


And, yeah, it isn’t really relavant anymore, but it was a tad funny.


Better late than never, right?

Oh look, it’s July.
Time to celebrate with patriotism and barbecues and such.
I am a big fan of our Federal Government… yeah they aren’t perfect, but I am pretty happy to be living here and not, say… Iran.  Or Honduras. 
And this isn’t liberal spin either… despite my sever dislike for our former president or his father before him, I don’t ever forget how freakin’ good we have it here.
And yet… like any system, any group of parts working together… the blessed federal Government can sometimes have it’s head up where the sun refuses to shine.
Take for example a letter I received in the mail on June 29th.
Hey lazy lay-about degenerate member of society,
You owe us money! Apparently you didn’t pay your taxes… so we are fining you, and billing you, and you better pay or else!
Ok, it wasn’t quite that bad… but it did pretty much accuse me of not paying my taxes and had added a bit of a fine onto the amount that they believe I owed.
A few things,
I paid my taxes.
I paid my taxes electronically on April 8th.
I paid my taxes via Turbo Tax, and I have the Turbo Tax print out and a copy of my bank statement to prove it.
So I call the IRS up and ask what they’re smoking.
After dealing with the delightful bureaucracy and the oh-so-nauseating Hold Music, I am at last told that all I actually owe is Two Dollars and Forty-Three Cents.
Because, they tell me, you incurred a fee for not paying on time.
But… I did pay on time… I indicate the proof…. That they received my payment on April 8th.
Oh, I am told… we’re sorry, that bill got sent to you by mistake…. It must have crossed in the mail with your payment.
Crossed in the mail? Are you kidding me? How in the world, I demand, does that make any sense when I paid you electronically in April, and you sent me a bill in June?
Oh, well, maybe those aren’t the right words.  Regardless, don’t worry, you don’t owe anything. Have a nice day.

My federal government at work.

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