Having Your Burger and Eating It Too!

I have ranted before about the importance of critical thinking and common sense.

Please allow me to do so again.

Thanks to Sheldon, I recently saw the below video and found it compelling enough to warrent a full blown blog post and not just the vastly easier “share” click.

Remember Morgan Spurkock and the whole “Supersize Me” craze? You know, he ate nothing but McDonalds food for a month, just one month, and he suffered terribly for it… weight gain, kidney damage, etc.

It was big news. The documentary got a LOT of pres and play and attention. His book sold millions. He got a TV show and then another TV show…

But guess what?

A high school science teacher replicated part of the “Supersize Me” experiment (for 90 days) and had vastly different results.

Watch it here.

In case you couldn’t watch it, here’s the breakdown:

90 days.
Only McDonald’s food.

But weight loss and lower cholesterol!


Simple: he made good choices. He limited his calories and chose healthy options (yes, they exist, even at McDonalds). He ate the “bad” food too… but he did it in moderation.

In Moderation.

A bit of a foreign concept to a lot of us.

(Me included, I cannot eat just one cookie, it is an ipossibe task.)

He also started walking for 45 minutes every day.


Watching nutrition… eating in moderation… and exercising (even a low impact exerise like walking)… and he lost weight and got healthier.

It isn’t rocket science.

It isn’t even pseudo science.

It is common sense.

“Our choices make us fat, not McDonalds”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.
John Cisna, a science teacher at Colo Nesco school in Colo Iowa who did a Supersize Me diet for 90 days and actually lost 37 pounds.
An After and Before picture of John Cisna, a science teacher at Colo-Nesco school in Colo, Iowa, who ate a McDonald’s diet for 90 days and actually lost 37 pounds.
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