Gay Agenda: Holiday Edition!

My December article is up for the Community Alliance!

Here’s the teaser….

Gay Agenda: Holiday Edition!

Happy December!

Usually around this time you start seeing the recap lists: “Best Fashion Moments of 2013!,” “Worst Moments of 2013: Politician Edition!,” “Hottest Videos of 2013,” “Most Popular Memes Involving Cats of 2013!,” etc.

And usually we would take the opportunity to go over some of the 2013 LGBT-related milestones and news items.

But unless you have been under a rock, you know about the Supreme Court decision in June. You know about the race to allow same-sex marriage (now 16 states and counting!). You know about who has come out this year, about who railed against equality but maintained they totally aren’t bigots, about who is working to rid California of the trans protection law that would have gone into effect on Jan. 1.

Instead, let’s talk about that Gay Agenda that seems to get so much attention.
… read the whole thing here!

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