Why I hardly blog anymore aka What a SAHM mom does all day

My day yesterday…. 7:15am to 10:30pm
Shower. No work out, we went to bed really late the night before.
Play with Baby
Update and distribute the agenda for tonight’s meeting
Other misc emails
Blog post re new board
Update web page re new board
Make / feed breakfast
Register for FogCon
Change 2nd poopy diaper
Get baby dressed
Play with baby
Prep for walk
Trip to Target
Attempt to get birth control, find out that because of new insurance we now have a deductable of $250 and then even after we meet that, the new insurance doesn’t cover my birth control anyway so instead of it being free… it will cost 70 bucks a month.
Misc phone calls to Matthew, my dr office, and insurance company
Other option is IUD: free
Make dr appointment
Confirm next book club meeting with host
Schedule next book club meeting
Order book online
Update family and personal calendars for book club and new dr appointments
Play with baby
Misc emails
Prep / feed baby snack
Play with baby
Prep for nap time
More research re birth control, another phone call…. While on this call, comfort baby who doesn’t want to nap… told that my birth control should be free IF I go to a pharmacy in network, apparently Target isn’t in network. Neither is WalMart or Costco… you know, everywhere walking distance. Told Walgreens IS in network and it should be free.
Called Walgreens to verify
Baby still not falling asleep
Prepped dinner in the crock pot, almost forgot the sour cream but caught it in time.
Developing a slight tick in right eye due to sounds of baby fighting nap
Walgreens seems optimistic re birth control, they will request prescription transfer and get back to me
Silence on the baby monitor…
More research re flowers for the wedding. I think I found the package I want, called florist for more info
Flowers ordered! Whew!!!!
Eat a granola bar and lift weights while watching The Good Wife
Write another 2 blog posts for GCV, (queue one for tomorrow)
Research ways to mirror a blog: unsuccessful
Baby up! Play with Baby Clingypants
Prep / feed baby lunch
Lunch was yogurt and hot dogs
Massive clean-up needed after lunch. Change baby’s clothes etc
Play with Baby
Prep for next walk
Walk to Starbucks to buy gift basket.
Get lost on the way to Starbucks.
Finally make it to Starbucks and then realize that the phone is no longer in the stroller.
Have mild panic attack.
Backtrack and find phone on the ground.
Do happy dance in the middle of the parking lot
Return to Starbucks, get gift basket items and then treat my rattled nerves to a drink. Baby enjoys free sample of pumpkin cake
Return home, change out of sweaty clothes.
Assemble gift basket
Pay bills
Curious George episode and cuddles with baby
Prep / feed baby a snack
Misc emails
Nap prep of stories and outfit changes
Listen to baby play / cry / coo / fuss /sing for next hour while…
Fold load of laundry
Pick out outfit for tonight’s meeting
Change mind 4 times, eventually settle on something, Glare at frumpy body; vow to eat better tomorrow
Misc email
Remembered to charge phone and do a photo dump
Prep bag and misc for meeting tonight
Upload photos to FB, squee from the cute
Baby nap / jail over…. Change another poopy diaper. Wow. Change own outfit again, this time out of necessity.
Play with baby!
Outside play with baby!
Matthew gets home… help carry crying baby (who wants to keep playing) to the car
Run back inside to get gift basket
Attend Advisory Board Meeting! Talk, network, plan, strategize,
Head home
Dishes (sigh)
Chat with Matthew
Comfort a fussy baby
Watch an episode of Shield
Put on a podcast and go to sleep.

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