September Community Alliance Article

It’s up!

Here’s the teaser….

Orange is the New Black is the new Netflix series from the creator of Weeds.

As we head into September and the inevitable start of the fall television season, let’s take a look at LGBT characters on TV: currently a little lesbian heavy, but moving in the right direction.

Last year, NBC had The New Normal, which followed the adventures of two gay men and their surrogate as they prepared for the birth of their son. It lasted one season despite a lot of hype and a lot of “in” jokes proving that the LGBT community are savvy TV viewers. It takes more than a few fashion jokes and one on-screen kiss to keep us interested. The writing and acting have to be there as well.

The cancelation of this show proved that LGBT viewers are tired of being talked down to in terms of characters on network shows. We are tired of the same lame stereotypes. Shows that deliberately play up the sassy gay men and lovable homophobe characters deserve to fall off the air.

The full article can be read HERE or by grabbing a copy of the issue at the Fresno LGBT Community Center, the Center for Nonviolence, or other local distribution centers.

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