Roll for Dex and give yourself a -10 for "Baby Interference"

I think Ella’s mission in life is to make my life just a bit more dificult so that I appreciate myself and such more. Examples?
Working out.
Not the easiest most fun thing to begin with. One must be motivated to clear a space on the floor, insert the DVD into the player, and then you know… actually DO it. (Yes, there have been times when only steps 1 and 2 have actually happened.)
But working out on the floor while simultaneously being a human jungle gym for a chunky 9 month old? That is more difficult.
Upside: when I finish, I am much more pleased with myself.
Building furniture: Or in my case, assembling particle board furniture, but whatever.
It isn’t all that hard to do… alone. But doing so with a 9 month old who wants to either eat the screws, deep throat the screwdriver, climb on the pieces, or, you know, use mommy has a human jungle gym WHILE doing it? Yes, difficulty bar raised again.
Which makes it that much sweeter when the darn thing is done and the cubbies are inserted and it looks so darn cute in the living room!
I do cook… and lately I have been cooking while playing baby hopscotch in the kitchen.  Baby hopscotch involves keeping her entertained with her toys, not dropping things o her head when she suddenly barrels into my legs, not stepping on her, keeping her out of the cat’s food and water, keeping her out of the cupboards (the child locks are in the mail box that we don’t have keys to yet… another rant for another day), and still following the recepie or adapting the recipe or saying “crew you” to the recipe and just randomly throwing things into bowls and pots.
Which does make eating a healthy meal at the end of the day very satisfying… even if it isn’t the meal you meant to cook and even if the tuna noodle casserole suddenly has peaches in it.
Anything involving books.
It matters not. If the task involves books then it also involves Ella either undoing whatever I just did or redoing it based on baby logic. Or hiding books under the couch. Or bopping me in the head with “Brown Bear” while I am trying to read anything else. Seriously, my daughter has a major love for “Brown Bear”
Talking on the phone
She has figured out that the phone makes fun noises and even more fun noises if she makes noise at it. So…all conversations now take place on speaker so she can gleefully shout out her feelings on the subjects of blocks and the cat to whoever is on the other line. This is great when I am talking to my mom, my aunt, or my Maifan-San. Not so much fun when talking to Comcast or my editor.
I love my daughter. But, I might just love her a little more once she isn’t always attached to my knees with her baby gooey death grip.
Nah, I’ll probably miss these days.


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Queer,loudmouth,skeptical-agnostic-pagan,book addict,coffee lover,wine drinker, SAHM,writer,editor,producer,podcaster. -She/her

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