A July Morning of Awesome

I suddenly realized that I’m having a great morning so far.
I mean, sure, no one wants to get up before 6 with a crying baby. Yeah. Crying. She used to wake up happy, she used to play in her crib and over the monitor I would hear coos and giggles. I peeked once, she was playing Peek A Boo with herself and her bunny.

Not anymore.
Now she cries and needs cuddles and then pretty quick she wants her bottle and for someone to play blocks or piano with her. So okay not an ideal start.
And then I tried to lay her back down and she got her leg stuck in the bars and it hurt and she was stuck…. More crying.
But eventually I had accepted that we were up and I had even found clothes that fit her (this is getting harder to do as she keeps growing. .. She is 9 months old and wearing 18 month clothes… and the wonderful people who have been nice enough to give us hand me downs seem to all live in cold climates because she has feety pj’s and pants to last a lifetime but she is lacking on summer wear. ANYway….)
She was playing pretty happily (as long as she is less than 2 feet away(or closer most times) she can play “alone” and I prepped the stroller for a walk. I had decided to visit Panera Bread for coffee and for a break from our apartment.
See, in case you live under a rock and have missed the outpouring of complaints on Facebook the West Coast is going through a bit of a beat wave. As in it has been 108 or higher for days now. Like over a week. Don’t worry. It’s going to cool off to a mere high of 100 by the weekend. And then stay there for a week. 
What this heat wave means for E-Fish and me is that we are pretty much stuck inside our house by a sort of “cruel yellow face that burns us” sort of house arrest This, just days after we moved to a new area with tons of stuff within walking distance. Because irony works like that.
So I thought that since it was before 8 in the morning and thus wasn’t quite 90 degrees (yet) and because I had just done the math and had realized that I had something like 12 hours in which to keep E-Fish occupied and since the thought of spending another minute in this apartment was threatening to make me burst into tears.. I decided we would go out for coffee.
The walk to Panera Bread was quick. Only about 7 minutes. On the way we were greeted by three people: the apartment fix-it crew in their golf cart, a middle aged man on a bike, and by an old man in a wheelchair sitting on his lawn and watching traffic. Friendly greetings and a bit of a breeze was vastly improving my morning.
At the restaurant I managed to get a free muffin just by getting one of their free loyalty cards. Mood: pretty sky high at this point.
E-Fish and I enjoyed our breakfast of muffin, puffs, wagon wheels, and coffee (just for me) and chatted. Baby chat is something very special. She babbles at me and sometimes I babble back, but I usually try to actually talk to her. I told her all about the other two times I had been to Panera Bread (thankfully she can’t understand me) and then I told her all about tomorrow being the 4thof July and what that meant. 
She told me all about her muffin and her puffs and how she likes to watch the people throwing their trash away (we were stationed near the trash cans).
As we were leaving I decided I could use a bit more coffee. I wasn’t sure if Panera Bread was the sort of place where one could get free refills… and the line was ong with a fraxled looking cashier… so I did what any sane woman would do: I asked a man in line if he came there often.
“Excuse me, do you happen to come here very often?”
He blinked at me.
I realized what I had just said and got a bad case of the giggles.

I explained that I was just trying to figure out the refill protocol and he laughed too and assured me that refills were quite free. Relieved and still feeling a bit mirthful (and now sporting a full cup of coffee) E-Fish and I headed out.
Since we still had some time to kill before the sun tries to kill us, I thought we would stop in at the Grocery Outlet on our way home.
People. Do you know about the Grocery Outlet?
Oh My God.
Food, random knickknacks, tank tops, plants, colored lights, groceries…. I mean.. wow. I didn’t have time or ability to do all my grocery shopping right then and there but I did snag a new hair brush for 99 cents. My mind was blown. 

“Wow!” I kept saying to E-Fish, “Look! They have X!!!” The staff found us both adorable and were super friendly.
So, yeah.

We walked home and played some more… and now she is (loudly) protesting her nap.. but her cries are weakening and my coffee is still warm… and thus so far, it has been a pretty darn good morning.

Hope you are also enjoying your day! and if not… here’s some food for thought.

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Queer,loudmouth,skeptical-agnostic-pagan,book addict,coffee lover,wine drinker, SAHM,writer,editor,producer,podcaster. -She/her

2 thoughts on “A July Morning of Awesome

  1. Glad you had a splendid morning! I really enjoy grocery outlets, so many great finds.Also if you return to panera bread you must try their soup bread bowls. Mmmm, so delicious!


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