Show me…. your door!

Another Friday… another submission to the Show Me Project!

Last week we had Kitchens…. this week we have: Show me… your door!

My front door.

Exciting yes?
And the screen door that came with it…

… which locks but has such a big gap in the bottom I can’t comfortably just leave the front door open even if I was the type to do so.
Anyway, the most interested thing about my door is this bit of note still taped to the wall. The note said “Please knock and DO NOT ring the bell. Sleeping Baby!”

But since Ella doesn’t seem to care about things like doorbells and the UPS and other delivery people took that sign as permission to gently whisper knock (seriously) and I kept missing deliveries even though I was sitting in the living room, I took down the sign.
Which brings me to the gate.

My gate is much more interesting.
It locks… and I really wanted to live in a locked community. (If you had as many stalkers as I have had, you might want locks too).)
However I never realized how annoying the locked gate can be.

Since there is no call box or anything I get the joy of coming out and unlocking the gate…
… when there is food delivery.
… package delivery.
… a visitor.
And that is fairly annoying considering that things always arrive right when the baby is comfy on the floor or the noodles are about to boil or my arms are full of laundry or the cat just puked or….
The gate is black and metal and gets really hot in the summer.
In fact I had a lovely burn on my upper inner thigh two summers ago from that gate… but that might be a story for another blog.
So there you go, my door/gate.
Feel free to link to your own Door submission below… and then come back next week for more of the Show Me Project! (next week we are doing “favorite view from anywhere in your home”)

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