Show Me… Your Kitchen!

It’s that time again… Friday is “Show Me” day ’round these parts!

Thank you to everyone who participated last week!

This week’s assignment: Kitchen… or something pertaining to the kitchen.

I don’t love our kitchen. I don’t hate it, it is fine, but it is relatively normal. and nothing all that special.

What I love are the things in my kitchen… and a few things kitchen adjacent.

Like this: the Cupboard of Potential!

Let’s look inside! On the top shelf we have my cookbooks.
Now, I don’t use them as much as I should (hooray for google) but I do try to use them and I really like knowing that they are there.

On the bottom shelf we have specialty appliances… the crock pot, the cake pop maker, the waffle iron, and the party coffee pot. These things get used different amounts of time each month, but I do make use of them regularly and I love having them!

In the kithcen we have my bread machine.
Which I use on a more seldom basis, but my rosemary bread gets high praise so hooray for the bread machine! I really should be using it more….

Lastly we have my absolute favorite thing of all.
The one
The only
The Personal Coffee Maker!

This baby makes one (very large) cup of coffee at a time in under 2 minutes flat. It is a cinch to clean and yes I use it every single morning.
I love it.

The red light means that in the time it takes me to eat a banana, there will be coffee!!!!!!!!
So there you have it… my favorite things about my kitchen: my modern appliances! Yeah, I love my dishwasher, my microwave, my popcorn popper, and my toaster. But I ADORE my coffee maker.
Can’t wait to see everyone else’s submissions! 

Feel free to lin below… and then come back next week for “Show me…your door!” (Front, back, side, office… you get the idea.)

For the breakdown of what the heck the Show Me Project is, click here!

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