Ella at Six Months

Six months!

Snapshot of your life at six months.

You sleep through the night about half the time… the other half you wake up around 330 and want to eat and then go back to sleep.

You wake up between 6 and 7 in the mornings and usually in a really great mood.

We breastfeed once a day, usually first thing in the morning.

You have four bottles a day and usually have some fruit and some veggies too.

You eat: apples, bananas, peaches (you love peaches), and pears. You also eat carrots (not a big fan), green beans, sweet potato, squash and peas (you love the squash and peas).

You try to nom on anything I am eating… or my fingers.

You love to sit up and can play for a long time by yourself when you want to.

You roll from tummy to back… but not the other way around.

You go from sitting up to tummy to back.. and then you get upset becuase you hate being on your back.

You just started to scoot yourself along on your bottom.

You can pull your toy box over and get to your toys.

You like going for walks and have only recently started to protest the sunglasses and hat.

You can grab, pass from hand to hand,and mouth anything and everything. You also like to let your toys dangle out of your mouth like a puppy.

You love to smile and laugh and are ticklish. you love dancing, peek a boo, and patty cake.

One day a week the neighbor boy Jarom comes and plays with you (well, he plays with me and you like to watch and squeal). One day a week you go to Jarom’s house and play with his mommy.

You also like to flap your arms and squeal at the cat. I just know you are going to pounce on her one of these days.

I sing the following song to you every day when I put you down for your naps:

Mommy loves the baby Ella
Loves that baby all the day
When she’s happy
when she’s sad
When she’s poopy
When she’s mad
Mommy loves the baby Ella all the day.

And it’s true. You drive me nuts with the whining, but I love you and I am so glad you are here!

And here are a few recent photos!

I am so excited about what the next six months are going to have in store for us!

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