Show me…. Your Mailbox!

Today is the 2nd week of the Show Me Project!

Last week we did “Show me… your table” and we had submissions from

Country Bumkin Mama

Thank you ladies!

This week the topic for the vlog or photo essay or whatnot is: “Show me.. your mailbox!”

So, here;s my submission!

My mailbox is one of many in a little set near our gate.

Every day, weather permitting, Ella and I take a walk outside and check to see what’s there!

Of course, I make her wear her sunglasses when we go outside.

Because I’m “that” mommy.

Anyway, a lot of times it is just junk, but those junk mail ads are usually pretty bright and colorful which makes them perfect things to look at with Ella.

We also get to practice our “look but don’t touch” skill as they are totally gross.

And that is our mailbox!

Want to join in the fun? Submit your vlog or photo essay in the widget below and click here to see next week’s topic!

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